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Okay! the 2019 General elections is fast approaching. The stage is getting set and the political actors are gearing up. Even the spectators who would decide the winners have their ears and eyes wide open to marry the words and dialogue of the political actors for proper interpretations and later decisions. But in this case, the biggest stage of this political drama is Kwara State. Like a much hyped wrestling match, the world is interested in the outcome. Since it’s the clashes of the giant; the Liberation warriors against the Continuity Stallions, we would agree the interest and attention is not unmerited, everyone, just everyone wants to see where the pendulum swings. However, whatever innuendos we will give it, the fact is unchangeable that it’s politics- the cards of the wise in a joker is ever hidden, guarded and unseen.

Pardon me of busybody; I saw a vision yesterday night, maybe you would call it a mere dream. I saw Lilian and Lallan doing the routine house chores; sweeping…

Editorial: Bola Ige Killers yet to be unmasked.

It was Yuletide season in 2001, plans were being made for Christmas as it has always been and that would not have been. Go exceptional for the then number one lawyer of Nigeria. But little did he know that the cold hand of man-made death was lurking around to deprive him of the year’s Christmas celebration and every subsequent one. Nigeria This Week In History takes a look at the circumstances that led to the murder of Chief Bola Ige and the mystery that surrounds the unresolved case.

On 23 December, 2001, the 71-year-old then Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the federation, Chief James Ajibola Ige, was with his son and some other members of his family in his house in Ibadun, Oyo state, when some assailants invaded the house, walked the family members of the legal luminary to a room where they were locked in and shot dead the septuagenarian.

The whole nation was thrown into shock as the news broke. Many questions were asked; some rhetorical, some demanded answer. Unfortunat…


If there’s one thing I hate writing about it is an opinion on Ilorin, my fatherland. It gives me no joy having to wield the hammer I called a pen and land it hardly on the baldhead of my homeland. If I were to describe how I felt each time I wrote an opinion on any incidence regarding this land, no time, I say none, and no time did I felt good. And the reasons are not farfetched; I am always torn in between emotions and saying the naked truth. It had never been lost on me that family, no matter what, is family. However, it seems I am alone on that, maybe I am not. But the odds seem small. The thinking ones, specifically among the youth, are not much. The recent actions and inactions, reports and incidences of immortality and irresponsibility by some sons and daughters of the Emirate clearly affirm my earlier stance.  And this time, neither for emotions or fear of misunderstanding would I be garbing irresponsibility with the robe of nobility or be dressing a clear, crestfallen values a…


In the wake of the successful hosting of the Kwara State Gubernatorial Candidates’ Forum, I found it necessary we do some reflections on the arising issues from the epochal event. It’s incontrovertible that, despite the last minute pull out of some of these candidates, the project remains one to reckon with in the anal of political events, in Kwara State. The absence of grand praises and encomiums notwithstanding, the innovative and idea behind this, transcends the honeyed words of the few. The fruits of the laborious exercise are there for savoury of the discerning minds. The truth of this is that, Kwara political climate had just been made clearer in one fell swoop.

In fairness, prior to the initiative of the Gubernatorial Candidates’ Forum, the name Lawal  Olohungbebe wasn’t relatively unknown to me and many emerging youth leaders. He had been a renowned Scholar, Lecturer and award-winning Community Developer with about a thousand projects under his …


I am afraid to lace my pen at this critical point in time, where anything and everything could be termed political, sponsored or hate message on a topical discourse as sensitive as this. But I have realized that goodness has no place and is never out of place. So is the truth, it has no time. The truth at all time for the righteous is never a commodity; no allotted time or place. So therefore, it has become a binding act of patriotism, to pen this piece to the exalted Emir, and the revered Emirate council, before the dishonorable acts of some paid voices within the council, through their messages of calumny and obloquy, degenerated into a societal impasse for our respected, revered, exalted and honoured seat of the caliphate.
I am by no means doubtful that Mai Martaba, Seriki Ilorin; the Emir of Ilorin is a father for all and sundry. This is by no means an attacking or disparaging post seeking to bring down the stool of power in the Emirate. In contrast, this is a piece written to sou…

Ogbeni and all his O'agendas; the necessity to bow-out.

It is of necessity that the man who came to Osun state 8 years ago with all his O'agendas whether good or bad, laudable or corruptible must after the O'Yes and all others 'O's must taste of the final O-dabo, O-pari  and Oh-no.

I watched keenly the emergence of Rauf and I can say without fear or equivocation that he has done his best.  However, asking me how best is his best will  make you be in too much of a haste, therefore, join this train and let's see how far we can go together.

The people of Osun are arguably the most politically sensitive state in the country with enough track records to back it up. For so many reasons there are number of times that Osun people have refused to follow the political tendencies of their counterparts in the south-western region.
While it was obvious in 1999 that Obasanjo is the man others wanted to vote in, the Osun  people bluntly voted Olu Falae. They followed suit by voting Ribadu as against the popular Good-luck Jonathan. Osu…


Major General Abubakar Bukola Saraki,
Supreme Commander Harmony Divisional Barracks Kwara State, Nigeria.

Dear General,

                A PLEA FOR MAIGIDA

I heard with one ear that all is not well at your Harmony Division. The odds were said to have turned against you. We learnt even the camp is unbelievably divided against itself - falling and falling and falling like a pack of cards. How has the mighty fallen, (in) capable Commander?
      In what's perhaps the most incredible report from your rudderless camp so far, I just learnt a general would be going down the pecking order. They said he would be replaced by a mere soldier you sent as an emissary to the once -upon-a-time Council Of State you have effortlessly turned to Council of Hate( Senate) . In one fell swoop, aprocho says reality has began dawning of an impending loss of Kwara South. Perhaps the Nov. 17 HoR bye-election was indeed an eye-opener. I ask again, how had the mighty fallen, (in) stategic General?

The latest r…


Aftermath of the excruciating defeat at the polls recently for the Kwara PLC during the HoR  bye- election of Isin/Ekiti/Irepodun/Omu-aran Constituency, an experience best described as an unusual loss in a long time political business, it's become expedient for the once- upon -a - time be -all- and -say -all Kwara Lord of the manor to begin stocktaking exercise. Yes.. I just described him as an once -upon-a-time supremo, at least for the present hours, something not hard for even the most impassive foot soldier /slave to understand is that the pendulum could be swinging anytime soon - if it hadn't swung already! If the last year LG elections has bore no political meanings to such incorrigible optimist,  perhaps the recent by- elections should rub that fact in his mind. Well, the popularity, acceptability or credibility of these dealers in power is not in question now. That is something someone famed
Nigeria Jack Bauer or Dr. Jekyll or something would need more than wonder, mag…

My Transition Hour

Thanking God for the life of my hero Fmr. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, today being his 61st birthday. You have written your name in gold in the historical records of Nigeria, ECOWAS and Africa as a pure democrat whose emotional quotient is of no comparison.
Sir you claimed no single blood of Nigerian is worth being shed for the purpose of your political interest and you proved to the entire world by conceding to defeat by congratulating your opponent even before formal declaration, thereby averting post election violence that could have led to a severe war.
You left the stage glamorously and we kept remembering that there was a leader who wasn't tyrannical in practice.
I am so glad you have finally written a book "MY TRANSITION HOUR" that will set a good track for upcoming and aspiring democrats that are ready to embrace your political school of thought.
May you continue to find grace of God as you live longer.

Ayo Abiona

nigerianthem is there to le…

3 years ago.

It was during 2012 while undergoing diploma course at University of Ibadan that my tastebud fell in love with the soup of this Southeastern (Ibo) woman inside Campus market. Her soup was just like the prerequisite course i will need before being posted to serve in the eastern part of the country where the original leaves are at premium. While my friends like the fried(but green colour) rice inside Zik hostel canteen, my favourite is the akpu- fufu and the bitter leaf mixed with okro - draw soup. I cherished the naturality of guys I always meet at the joint- even though I always keep mute as if I have not obtained the talk permit needed to contribute to all funny scenes inside their discussion. I can't forget the day I caught my lecturer Mr. Chidi red-handed dealing with heavy morsel of Yellowish Eba with mixed soup; I couldn't move back but join him in the swallow ministry. Just today 13/11/15 is another day to observe the once upon a dinning table I once ate from. The tables…


"..... You die a million times over inside when your story is miswritten, your words distorted and your person maligned. But you are killed completely, dead and rotten when your plights are unheard or reported. '' _ IAK

I am still in shock after that eye-opening encounter with earful of chilling revelations by erstwhile SSA to the Kwara State Government, albeit unknowingly, rattling out topnotch " secrets '' to a budding writer he was reading one of his piece titled " Just Be A Bibire ''. I would have said nothing was ironical than that chanced, one-off conversation between two people where a person knows the other quite all right but the other man is completely at  sea regarding the real personality of his converser and engager other than the knowledge that he is omo daada in the street. My repented, reformed or I should put it the popular way " born-again '' veteran politician had come to the assembly as usual and wanted to get som…

Congratulations, Kwara State Government...

Dear Kwarans, join me in saying a big thank you to the " responsive and proactive people's government'' under the disable leadership of our " reformer '' governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, for the ongoing massive rehabilitation  ( patching roads is a massive rehabilitation in my state) of the capital roads. It is believed that prompt appreciation of a noble and altruistic deed enables another, so it's only natural to praise my governor for eventually heeding the calls of his people on the bad state of roads in the state capital four months to the end of his tenure. I am convinced such rare act of responsiveness shouldn't go unnoticed and unappreciated. It's on this satirical note I wish to congratulate Kwara State government on the initiative and success of the ongoing road rehabilitation across the capital. I hope the government notes my loyalty for been the first to extend my good wishes before several other " notice me '' start…

OPEN LETTER TO PROF. OBA ABDULRAHEEM ( Kwara APC gubernatorial aspirant 2019)

Dear Prof. Oba, I write this open letter to you with every sense of sobriety, decorum and respect. I earnestly hope it meet you well. It's become necessary to calm the fray nerves aftermath of the disappointing party primaries that was expected to birth  unanimously elected candidates across the political positions but ended up delivering quadruplets of problems for the liberation - seeking opposition party in the state. As a keen observer of the whole process, I have been observing closely the crisis that engulfed the party leadership on all fronts as an after - effects of the awesomely terrible primaries and I was impressed to behold, that they have started extending Olive branch to the concerned party men.
 While I condemn in strongest terms the irregularities, abnormalities, discrepancies and inequities that characterised and mar the intra- party elections, I wish to state without fear of contractions that embracing peace and unity of purpose in the interest of *Kwarans* is th…

Dcn Modupeola Abiona retirement well-wishes.

You’ve put in your best serving the public, and by extension your country. It’s now time for you to rest; you deserve the best life ahead. Have a fun-filled and fulfilled retirement Mum - Ayomide Abiona

You can now wake up when you want to, visit the places you’ve longed for, make your own schedules without restriction – that’s the freedom that retirement brings. Happy retirement my Dear wife - Elder Olaseinde Abiona.

At work, you were known as an untiring worker, at home you never slacked in your duty for a moment, which is why we call you our hero. You are a virtuous woman indeed. You deserve the best that life has for you ahead, mom. Happy retirement. - Ayodele Abiola (Nee Abiona)

Most times I wondered how you do it; managing your family and career so well that none was given less attention. You are indeed “the hand that rocks the cradle and rules the world!” Happy retirement, mom. - Gloria Abimbola 

Mom, there will be no more alarm to interrupt your peaceful sleep when it’s time to wa…