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James Adegbola

Adegbola James is an Auto Mechanic, a Radio Program Presenter and Auto mobile Consultant.
He attended Ataoja School of Science (ASOS), Osogbo between 2000 – 2003. He was part of the pioneer Set.

After 14 years, he shares his most painful moment during his Secondary School days.

"I might not be able to capture the whole scenes with words but I can still reflects with the paragraph below. I want to tell you in CAPITAL LETTERS, this is not to insult any body. I have since that time enjoyed moments of such cycles and make right decision in the process.
It happened like this,  we all know ASOS  is a place of gifted minds and there is no way we can run away from it after all it gives foundation for our respective choices we later made.
In ASOS, I was in the other class (either B or C but not A) until one day the whole stuff change. I find the class quite interesting, coupled with the efikos (the supposed Brain Boxes) then and the normal competitors. I'm always my normal self until this classification in class A started. I have to make new friends and engage in new competition. Though, It wasn't verbal stuff but we all know the purpose of classifying the brainy by result to the other average guys.
I have series of hurtful moment but the day that is most painful is the day people were selected to go to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU) for field trip.I had prepared myself to partake in the trip only for me to be told you can't go with us.( I tried every means to go with them and even begged that day)
You will recollect, twenty people were selected in the then class A, I was meant to be the twentieth person but my name was replaced with a lady's name ( just because her mum is a teacher or one of the teachers know her mum).
I couldn't believe the stuff, Then  I have heard series of things about OAU, my expectations were high. My mind paints the picture several times only to be dropped at last minute.
It was so painful that I believed if I was in the other class, I would have had the privilege. The other guys that were not interested were picked for the trip. To me it was partiality, how could someone qualify and yet change it in his face and there is nothing he can do.
To worsen the stuff, my friends came the other day reminiscing the trip. They saw how beaker, pipette were being made. Can you imagine,  I secretly hated the teacher that denied me that opportunity and I made a decision that I won't go to OAU for my university studies... (James Graduated from University of Ilorin)
Thank God is an history today, but you know only God knows number of things we have been denied of, which we are unconsciously aware of.
I can still trace it that some people made decision to go to OAU because of that experience."

He also share one of his  Humorous moments at ASOS.

My Class-mates will still remember Muideen popularly known as “Alfa” is found of  doing things in his own way. I think Alfa was trying to whitening his school uniform but excessively added a whitening substance (blue) to it. The blue on his white school uniform was so obvious that Akin and Mayowa (the comic personalities of our set) were disturbing him.

This conversation ensued between them:

Akin &Mayowa: Alfa ki lo she aso yin ati eyin yin? (asked Alfa what happened to his white school uniform)
Alfa: Mayowa fimile ooo (Mayowa leave me alone)
Akin&Mayowa: Haa, Alfa aro ma ni mo n wo leyin yii. Ejowo shey e fi eyin tu aro ni. (why have you applied the whitening substance in excess?)

Alfa: Akin wahala re ti poju, (you trouble is becoming too much) I will report you oooo

Akin & Mayowa: Alfa, she aro yen lo mu ki aso yin fi doti bayi ( in the process they were touching his bottom)

It seems another guy “Saheed” was involved.

That's how the issue got into another level. Alfa and them had loud conversations with disturbances from the other guys.

The joke was almost turning to fight...

Alfa said: Akin n o lu ooo.(Akin I will beat you)

Akin & Mayowa: They continued touching him. Akin eventually hitted Alfa with a stick.

Immediately after hitting Alfa with stick.

Alfa rushed to the staff room and he said

Alfa: Oga Oga ( Master) Akin carried a very big tree and do paam on my body. Ye Oga APA mi ti kan. ( I have a broken limb now)

He repeated it several times.

The teacher were just busy laughing..

Alfa went further to make his comment funny.
"Won ma n bu isu di mi" - (they are squeezing my buttocks...)

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