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365 Days Performance Index: Nigeria under President Buhari.

Easy it's going to be, the Buhari administration made promise of change. Terrorism, electricity, economic downturn, insurgency, foreign exchange, unemployment and corruption were talked about as if it's going to end immediately they resume within 3months. I can't say APC team were not prepared for the government because they have much time to rehearse, but a right guess can be made that they are finding it difficult to transform from opposition to ruling party. In the last 365 days, 52weeks, 8760hours the most consistent thing that has emanated from the Federal Executive Council is blames, excuses, finger pointing and a refusal to accept responsibility. Comparison: In fact in his first year, former President Jonathan revived the Nigerian Railway Corporation and for the first time in decades the Lagos to Kano rail services commenced in 2012 at a cost of ₦1500. He also built nine new universities including the only federal university in Katsina state where President Buhar…