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Donate 1000Books

"The statement that reading is a good habit is a self- obvious truth. Man is not a mere child of instincts. It is brainpower that makes a difference between him and animals. Naturally a love for books ought to be his natural inclination." (Roy 2013) 
 To induce good reading habits, the reader must be made to feel that what is good in a book is really so. It is easier to improve one’s judgment because it is a question of reason or logic. But it is difficult and a painstaking affair to improve one’s taste, because it is a question of feeling. But merely saying that a good book is really good will not does. One has to involve the reader in healthy debates or discussions. 
 A taste for the reading good books once formed cannot be so easily dislodged. As such the culture of good reading habit calls for a kind of cooperation in which the authorities, the teachers as well as the parents, must be involved. 
 A school library is a place in the school where vast collections of academ…

Harambe, Parents and Kids

Harambe was a captive male Western Lowland gorilla, a critically endangered species in the wild, was shot and killed after a child climbed into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and fell into the moat. On September 18, 2014, Harambe was transferred to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden to learn adult gorilla behavior and join a new social group. On May 28, 2016, a day after his 17th birthday, Harambe was shot to death after a three-year-old boy entered Harambe's enclosure. The incident was recorded by a bystander and uploaded to YouTube , where the video went viral . Zoo director Thane Maynard stated, "The child was being dragged around ... His head was banging on the concrete. Another expert denied this, saying Harambe was not a danger to the child. Another tragid Event. Lane’ s parents watched Tuesday night as the alligator grabbed their son in the shallows of the lake and dragged him deeper into the water , officials said . The fathe…

365 Days Performance Index: Nigeria under President Buhari.

Easy it's going to be, the Buhari administration made promise of change. Terrorism, electricity, economic downturn, insurgency, foreign exchange, unemployment and corruption were talked about as if it's going to end immediately they resume within 3months. I can't say APC team were not prepared for the government because they have much time to rehearse, but a right guess can be made that they are finding it difficult to transform from opposition to ruling party. In the last 365 days, 52weeks, 8760hours the most consistent thing that has emanated from the Federal Executive Council is blames, excuses, finger pointing and a refusal to accept responsibility. Comparison: In fact in his first year, former President Jonathan revived the Nigerian Railway Corporation and for the first time in decades the Lagos to Kano rail services commenced in 2012 at a cost of ₦1500. He also built nine new universities including the only federal university in Katsina state where President Buhar…

Debt Traps are here

As much important infrastructure can be of utmost importance to the citizens of any country, so it is equally important that the future/economy of same country is not traded into debt in the name of living today and dying tomorrow. Looking at the present scenarios in some states, you will strongly advise anyone beside you not to borrow to start up a business; I have watched loans going bad for this same reason while working with a microfinance firm. "If you are a business man, you will know that when borrowing money, you should make sure that the money will generate enough interest to pay the cost of the money and the money itself. If you borrow money to pay your staff and your staff make money greater than the money you borrowed plus the interest, that is what is called "good debt". On the opposite, if you have to borrow money to feed your children, then you are doomed to be poverty stricken for the rest of your existence. I am beginning to doubt the efficiency of DM…