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10 Years after Hurricane Katrina!

This write up is not my personal work, it is intended to amplify Robin Roberts' plight on New Orleans's Hurricane. A PERSONAL ESSAY BY ROBIN ROBERTS. There's no place like home, and the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast will always be home to me. Having lived there beginning at the age of 8, I had become accustomed to hurricanes. But Hurricane Katrina was different with forecasters using words like “catastrophic” and “historic.” The morning of Katrina I went to work as usual, co-hosting GMA alongside Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer. During commercial breaks I would call and check in with my family in Mississippi. My mother was too ill to evacuate so my sister, Dorothy, and her two girls stayed with her in our Biloxi home. The initial video we saw of the storm did not seem as bad as predicted. So I didn't worry too much when the phone lines back home went dead. But by early afternoon everyone realized it was even worse than we thought it would be. ABC immediately got me…

We cleaned the city gate.

We thought of  food to share: no fund available, we thought of gift to share: no money in our Bank account, then we thought of our skills to render. We clean the city gate... we clean the  city of Ibadan (Toll gate) at night, we want people to wake up and see the Toll gate cleaned up. Yes we achieved this.

Wonders of Coconut water!

The coconut water strengthens your immune system and removes bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, gum diseases and viruses which are causing cold, infection diseases and typhus. Your energy will be boosted and the thyroid gland hormones production will be enhanced. The water acts as a natural diuretic and it is very helpful for people that have kidney diseases. It will assist in cleansing the urinary tract and the bladder channels. The toxins will be eliminated and the kidney stones will be braked down. The coconut water includes high amount of fiber, which makes it very good for digestion. With regularly consummation the gastric acid will be eliminated. Because of its low level of fats, you can drink it in large amount. The coconut water will reduce your appetite and will keep you sated, which can lead to losing weight. Macerate a cotton wool in the coconut water and place it on the skin if you are having acne, oily or dry skin. The water will make the skin c…