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Fearfighter; live for others, stand up and stand tall

Early on a Friday morning, I saw on my newest friend's (Eddy) status message on her Blackberry Messenger - "I have Interview". Instantly, I remembered the first interview I had as a growing up youth; how cowardly I faced my interviewers, the headache that struck me after hearing the first question and how remarkably poor I was, at the end of the interview.

I also remembered the recent interview I had with a West Africa Agency; how brilliant I was in facing the panel of evaluators, how I used my response to manoeuvre the poor result of my written test and how I got improved over the years. I can't keep all the experience I had over the years away from Eddy-this new friend of mine, as she was so curious of the interview. I gave her a few lines of what she can do within the nip of time, since it remains less-than one hour to the time of the interview. It was my encounter with Eddy that aroused my inspiration of focusing my write-up on

"Fear". This write up wil…

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