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365 Days Performance Index: Nigeria under President Buhari.

Easy it's going to be, the Buhari administration made promise of change. Terrorism, electricity, economic downturn, insurgency, foreign exchange, unemployment and corruption were talked about as if it's going to end immediately they resume within 3months. I can't say APC team were not prepared for the government because they have much time to rehearse, but a right guess can be made that they are finding it difficult to transform from opposition to ruling party. In the last 365 days, 52weeks, 8760hours the most consistent thing that has emanated from the Federal Executive Council is blames, excuses, finger pointing and a refusal to accept responsibility. Comparison: In fact in his first year, former President Jonathan revived the Nigerian Railway Corporation and for the first time in decades the Lagos to Kano rail services commenced in 2012 at a cost of ₦1500. He also built nine new universities including the only federal university in Katsina state where President Buhari hails from. Inflation reduced from 10.2% to 9.4% in his first year and remained at single digits throughout his tenure. Average Life Expectancy increased from 47 years to 52 years (according to the UN). In the same period he also launched the NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X satellites to expand Internet Bandwidth and provide early warning to prevent natural disasters as well established the Automotive Development Fund amongst others. In Buhari's 365 days, alot have been in circulation majorly discredit the effort of the present administration ( you can just Google "Buhari's 365days achievement" and see things). To be fair with this present administration, the anti-corruption battle is gaining ground with several high profile cases already in the courts. On assumption of office, the President undertook some foreign trips both within and outside Africa to re-establish Nigeria’s position in the global arena and solicit support for Nigeria and Africa. The relocation of the Nigerian Military Command Centre to Maiduguri, since May 2015, contributed to the success in the fight against insurgency in the North Eastern part of the country. Many Nigerians must be wondering that if the Jonathan administration was as bad as the Buhari government says it is, then how come he had to leave office before they started double digit inflation, negative economic growth rates, inflation, uncontrollable increase in foreign exchange, fuel price hike, high unemployment rate, and resurrection of militancy and terrorism. A proverb "If you want the omelette then you have to break the shell ", I believe it is a trying time for all of us as a Nation. It is time for the National Executive Council to brazen up, take charge, stop the blame game and step up the game.implementation of the 2016 budgets should be of high necessity now. Give us results and stop giving us reasons. Thank you for reading my views. AYOMIDE ABIONA 30/05/2016

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Bamidele Salam explains why he pulled out of the Osun West  Senatorial Re-run election:
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The Ekiti Branch of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) delegates to the Annual Delegates Meeting of 2016 in Sokoto had a ghastly motor accident along Abuja-Kaduna road at about 4:30pm in the afternoon. Thirteen lives  12 doctors and their driver wee in the bus. The rear tyre got burst, the bus somersaulted severally, and some were thrown out of the vehicle  six died on the spot and the seventh died…