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Debt Traps are here

As much important infrastructure can be of utmost importance to the citizens of any country, so it is equally important that the future/economy of same country is not traded into debt in the name of living today and dying tomorrow. Looking at the present scenarios in some states, you will strongly advise anyone beside you not to borrow to start up a business; I have watched loans going bad for this same reason while working with a microfinance firm. "If you are a business man, you will know that when borrowing money, you should make sure that the money will generate enough interest to pay the cost of the money and the money itself. If you borrow money to pay your staff and your staff make money greater than the money you borrowed plus the interest, that is what is called "good debt". On the opposite, if you have to borrow money to feed your children, then you are doomed to be poverty stricken for the rest of your existence. I am beginning to doubt the efficiency of DMO that made a serious effort to free us from Paris Club Debts and IMF Debts under the watch of Former President Obasanjo, and supervised by Okonjo Iweala. The same DMO is on computer mood as we are taking consistent flights to Debt traps in recent times. With this kind of approach, we will live sure. But the death postponement, no one knows how soon it is. Ayomide Yinka Abiona 17/04/16 ayomide abiona expresses his Public views via this blog site.

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Bamidele Salam pulls out of Osun West Senatorial Re-run.

Bamidele Salam explains why he pulled out of the Osun West  Senatorial Re-run election:
"For weeks and long days, I traversed the length and breadth of Osun West Senatorial District, consulting and speaking with stakeholders towards garnering their support for the actualization of my Senatorial ambition. Old and young; male and female;  literates and illiterates ; politician and non-politician; I spoke with all that have one role or the other to play in the politics of Osun West. What I appealed to was the people's desire for quality representation that will attract development into the Senatorial District. Alas, I got support across party lines, in the civil society, among students and youths,  in the public service and across a broad range of societal classes and sections. The love I received humbled me.

It was therefore a shock for many when the news filtered out that the very loved Bamidele Salam is no longer in the race for the Senatorial Re-run election scheduled to hold …


Bamidele Salam is a Former Chairman at Egbedore Local Government Area of Osun State and also
Former Media Assistant to the Governor at Osun State government. He pays tribute to the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke in this blog.

7 Medical Doctors died along Abuja-Kaduna Road

#NMA-Ekiti-7:  Dr. Dele Atiba gives a life account after surviving a ghastly motor accident that took the lives of 7 members of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Ekiti Branch.

This date  (24/04/2016) has stuck to my memory like it’s super glued to my frontal lobe since last year.  It was a Black Sunday! Many lives were lost. Dreams cut short. Aspirations thwarted. Children became orphans and wives turn to widows.  I dont think there is nothing that can erase it as long as I live. As a survivor, scars of bodily injuries abound, emotional trauma lingers and psychological trauma persists.
The Ekiti Branch of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) delegates to the Annual Delegates Meeting of 2016 in Sokoto had a ghastly motor accident along Abuja-Kaduna road at about 4:30pm in the afternoon. Thirteen lives  12 doctors and their driver wee in the bus. The rear tyre got burst, the bus somersaulted severally, and some were thrown out of the vehicle  six died on the spot and the seventh died…