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memoir: wishes at the Mt.Maria

We climbed the hill together; not for sacred the mission that the mountain is known for, but to avoid parental sights. It was a calm environment at first, but I sensed some spiritual auras, so she made her wishes silently as I climbed further to say my prayers infront of the sacred statue of the Catholic Church's Mt. Maria. Instantly, we switched back to the main reason that made me travel down, after a busy day. She noticed that I must have been tired after work, but I came with precedences. I started from where we stopped during our chat; it's the 3rd time we are hooking up, (recently gave up close to 2years ago.) I needed to see her, read her lips and detect sincerity from her words before I take the gamma risk again. As she speaks, her voice is reawakening the memories of our first meeting point; when I was a teacher while she was a student, we lost the reason then: maybe she was young and I was naive...I quickly reminded her how she made the second attempt of reuniting us back, but I was lazy to sacrifice travelling down to meet her...not only my fault, I also tried again 2years ago to tie the knot back, she confessed to me how she was scared to enter into such love world while she thinks she is small to do so. Now that we are more wiser and matured, "can we love ourselves again"? - I asked. She was never afraid of loving me at all, she is only careful of not being hurt or toyed with. It's the same thing with my own plight. " Humanly speaking, I will love you to the best I can" "but much better through the help of God and the leading of the Holy spirit, we shall never run out of divine leading. It's easier for two children of God to request for the same thing from the father. She looks up, faced the ground and looked to my eyes and told me she is ready for me. I held her hand on the sacred Mount Maria, prayed to God to be our solid foundation and prayed to the spirit for timely guidance. Amen. The only profound vow we made is " to raise a godly home". We snapped pictures and cracked some jokes. We checked the time and observed the dust coming closer; her father will soon ask after her and I also need to travel back. I unfolded the gift as we trekked down the hill. A new world though, but much of restoration. It looks like our journey was preempt to be recycled to fulfil our destined purpose. It will never be hard to adapt into this love world. She waved at me as I entered into the cab that will take me home. AyoAbiona 12/08/15

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Bamidele Salam pulls out of Osun West Senatorial Re-run.

Bamidele Salam explains why he pulled out of the Osun West  Senatorial Re-run election:
"For weeks and long days, I traversed the length and breadth of Osun West Senatorial District, consulting and speaking with stakeholders towards garnering their support for the actualization of my Senatorial ambition. Old and young; male and female;  literates and illiterates ; politician and non-politician; I spoke with all that have one role or the other to play in the politics of Osun West. What I appealed to was the people's desire for quality representation that will attract development into the Senatorial District. Alas, I got support across party lines, in the civil society, among students and youths,  in the public service and across a broad range of societal classes and sections. The love I received humbled me.

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#NMA-Ekiti-7:  Dr. Dele Atiba gives a life account after surviving a ghastly motor accident that took the lives of 7 members of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Ekiti Branch.

This date  (24/04/2016) has stuck to my memory like it’s super glued to my frontal lobe since last year.  It was a Black Sunday! Many lives were lost. Dreams cut short. Aspirations thwarted. Children became orphans and wives turn to widows.  I dont think there is nothing that can erase it as long as I live. As a survivor, scars of bodily injuries abound, emotional trauma lingers and psychological trauma persists.
The Ekiti Branch of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) delegates to the Annual Delegates Meeting of 2016 in Sokoto had a ghastly motor accident along Abuja-Kaduna road at about 4:30pm in the afternoon. Thirteen lives  12 doctors and their driver wee in the bus. The rear tyre got burst, the bus somersaulted severally, and some were thrown out of the vehicle  six died on the spot and the seventh died…